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பொதுவாக Facebook நண்பர்களுடன் Video இல் கதைக்க வேண்டும் என்றால் பல 3rd Party apps உதவும். ஆனால் நீங்கள் Skype பாவிப்பவராக இருந்தால் எந்த மென்பொருளும் இல்லாமல் நேரடியாக கதைக்கலாம். ஆனால் உங்கள் நண்பர், Facebook Video Call plugin இனை Install செய்து இருக்க வேண்டும். இப்பதிவில் எப்படி Facebook நண்பர்களுடன் Skype இல் Video இல் கதைப்பது என பாருங்கள். அது மட்டுமல்லாது , Status Update, Comment, Like என பல செயற்பாடுகளையும் செய்ய முடியும்.

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. In the Contacts tab, click the down arrow next to All and select Facebook.
  3. Facebook selected from the list displayed after clicking the arrow next to All in the Contacts tab.
  4. Click Connect to Facebook.
  5. Connect to Facebook button selected.

  6. A Facebook log-in page opens in Skype Home. If you’re not a registered Facebook user, clickSign up for Facebook.
  7. The log-in page with Sign-up for Facebook and Log in options selected.
  8. Enter your Facebook log-in details and click Log In to connect your account to Facebook.

Viewing the Facebook News Feed

To update your status and post it on your Facebook account, enter your status in the text box and click Share.
The text box and the Share button to be selected to update your status.
The News Feed shows the most recent updates posted by your Facebook friends, including places they have checked in to, pictures, videos and comments.
The most recent updated posted by your Facebook friends.
You can comment on or like the updates of your friends. Anything you do in the Facebook tab in Skype will also be shown on your Facebook account.
To like an update, click the Like button The Like button. beneath it. The Like and Comment buttons turn from gray to blue if you hover your mouse over an update.
The Like and Comment buttons displayed beneath the update.

If there is a number next to the button, it indicates how many people like the update. When you have liked the update, the Like button will change color from gray to red. Click the button again if you no longer wish to like the update.
To leave a comment, click the Comment button The Comment button. beneath the update and a comment box will expand, showing the most recent comments the update has received. Type your message in the comment box and click Comment. Your message will be displayed as the most recent one. Just click Delete if you want to remove it.
The News Feed will automatically refresh your updates every time you open or reopen theFacebook tab. It will also check for new updates every minute, showing a count next to the refresh button so you know how many new updates you have. To refresh the updates yourself, click the refresh button The refresh button. or press F5 on your keyboard.

Contacting a Facebook friend

You can contact a Facebook friend from the Facebook News Feed. Just hover your mouse over the update of the friend you wish to contact and you’ll see the ways you can contact them.
Video call option displayed after hovering the mouse over the update.
Click Video Call to start a video call with any of your friends who are currently logged in to Facebook. Your friend will receive a request to start a video call, and they will not be told you are calling from Skype.