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This post originally shared in Google official blog.

Online advertising helps fund the services we all enjoy, keeps web content free, and helps businesses grow. However, bad ads and bad ad-funded content can ruin our experiences online and damage Google trust in the web as a whole.

2013 BAD CONTENT Publishers & Adsense

  1. Blacklisted more than 200,000 publisher pages from serving ads
  2. Removed more than 250,000 ad-funded publishers' accounts for various policy violations
  3. Disapproved more than 3,000,000 applications to join Adsense network
  4. Disabled bad ads and content coming from more than 150 countries and territories
  5. Stopped ad-serving on tens of thousands of sites and disabled more than 5,000 AdSense accounts for violations of Adsense copyright policy
  6. Disabled ads from more than 400,000 sites hiding malware
  7. Disabled ads for more than 10,000 sites promoting get-rich-quick schemes