Home » , » Walk inside of "Skyfall" city (Hashima Island - Japan) with Google Street View

  The Google Street View visited the abandoned Hashima Island, or more known as “Dead Island” or “Dead City” from the recent James Bond film Skyfall. In the movie, the island serves as the terrorists headquarters, but it’s actually a real place and now you  get to experience it for ourselves.

The island is located  18 miles off the coast of Nagasaki -  Japan, and it once was bustling with coal-mining activity when the Mitsubishi Corporation purchased the island in 1890. The island had numerous housing projects that crammed in residents comprising of coal workers and their families. Although Skyfall wasn’t actually filmed their, the inspiration for Dead Island came from Hashima.

 The island isn’t that big -  only 480 m long and 150 m wide, but it was  enough to 5,000 people. The island was deserted in 1974.