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SIM Card இல் இருந்து அழிக்கப்பட்ட தகவல்களை பெற SIM reader என்னும் வன்பொருள் தேவை என்று இப்பதிவில் சொல்லி இருந்தேன்.  என்றாலும் நீங்கள் Android இயங்குதள மென்பொருட்களை பயன்படுத்துபவராக இருந்தால் உங்கள் Android mobile இனையே SIM Reader ஆக  பயன்படுத்தி அழிக்கபட்ட தகவல்களை இலகுவாக பெறலாம்.  எப்படி இதை செய்வது என இப்பதிவில் காணுங்கள்.



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Android Data Recovery Software இலவசமானது அல்ல. இதன் சீரியல் code தேவை என்றால் மேலதிகமாக இதையும் பெற வேண்டும்.

எப்படி செய்வது?

இதற்கு அவர்கள் தரும் விளக்கம்:

Android is becoming more and more popular for its openness and rich features, there are many brands mobile phone running Android as operating system, such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, LG and more. However, as far as I'm concerned, many Android users feel depressed when all of their phone contacts have been erased or lost after wiping phone or buying a new one. Is there any solution to restore all your lost contacts back?
Yes, of course you can restore all deleted contacts from your Android phone with the Android recovery tool - Android Data Recovery, it allows you to recover deleted contacts directly from Android or SIM card on Android phones. With this marvelous software, you can get back messages, contacts, videos, photos and more from Android phone without quality loss.

1. Install and run the Android recovery tool 

2.Connect Android to computer and enable USB debugging

Then connect your Android phone to computer and check if you have enabled USB debugging on your Android phone. If not, follow the ways below; If you did, you can move to the 3rd step now.

  1. For Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter "Settings" < Click "Applications" < Click "Development" < Check "USB debugging"
  2. For Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"
  3.  For Android 4.2 or newer: Enter "Settings" < Click "About Phone" < Tap "Build number" for several times until getting a note "You are under developer mode" < Back to "Settings" < Click "Developer options" < Check "USB debugging"

3.Begin to scan your Android for lost contacts

Now you are in step 3 - Device Detected, that means your Android has been detected by the program successfully. Here, you just need to click "Start" to analyze your Android device and wait for a few seconds.


4. Preview and restore contacts on Android

After all contacts and messages have been scanned out, the program will remind you stop the scan, because it is a waste of time to scan all data. Then you can preview all contacts one by one in the scan result, mark those you want and click "Recover" to selectively save them on your computer.

Note: Contacts found in the scan result contain those you deleted recently (displayed in orange) and those existing on your Android phone (displayed in black). You can separate them by using the button above: Only display deleted items.
Device Vendor Device model Android OS SMS & Contacts Photos & Video
Samsung Galaxy Ace (GT-S5830), Galaxy Fit (GT-S5670), Galaxy Note I (GT-I9220/N-7000), Galaxy S (SHW-M110S), Captivate Galaxy S (SGH-I897/ GT-I9000), Galaxy S (SCH-I909), Galaxy SL (GT-I9003), Galaxy Mini (GT-S5570), Galaxy S II (GT-I9100), Galaxy Note I (N-7000), Infuse (SGH-I997), Galaxy Plus (GT-I9001), Epic 4G Touch (SPH-D710), Galaxy Exhibit (SGH-T759), Galaxy Tab (GT-P1000), Galaxy Tab (P7500), Note 10.1 (N8000) 2.2.1,
Galaxy S II LTE HD (SHV-E120L), Galaxy S (GT-I9000), Galaxy Y (GT-S5360), Galaxy R (GT-I9103) 2.3.6 (unrooted) icon
Galaxy Nexus (GT-I9250), Galaxy S III (GT-I9300), Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100), Galaxy S IV 4.1.2, 4.2.2 (unrooted) icon
Rooted devices Any Android OS icon icon
HTC Any device model Any Android OS
ZTE, etc.