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கூகிள் கடந்த வாரம் வெளியிட்ட சில சுவாரசியம் மிக்க Street view தொகுப்புக்களை இந்த பதிவில் காணலாம். இஸ்ரேல், கனடா மற்றும் இத்தாலிய பகுதிகளில் சிறப்பான சில இடங்களை இப்போது உங்களால் கூகிள் உதவியுடன் சுற்றி பார்க்க முடியும்.

Ducati Museum

The Ducati Museum is a transport museum in Bologna, Italy at the Ducati factory. It contains a collection of Ducati motorcycles and some early non-automotive products. It opened in 1998.
The museum's collection of technical documentation was selected by Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities for inclusion in the national archive.


The Knesset is the unicameral national legislature of Israel. As the legislative branch of the Israeli government, the Knesset passes all laws, elects the President and Prime Minister (although the latter is ceremonially appointed by the President), approves the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government. In addition, the Knesset elects the State Comptroller. It also has the power to waive the immunity of its members, remove the President and the State Comptroller from office, dissolve the government in a constructive vote of no confidence, and to dissolve itself and call new elections. The Prime Minister may dissolve the Knesset. However, until an election is completed, the Knesset maintains authority in its current composition.

Churchill, Manitoba


Churchill is a town on the West shore of Hudson Bay in Manitoba, Canada. It is most famous for the many polar bears that move toward the shore from inland in the autumn, leading to the nickname "Polar Bear Capital of the World" that has helped its growing tourism industry.