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PC Pro Instant Guide to Microsoft Word

Introducing the Instant Guide to Microsoft Word. This guide will help you find your way around Word 2010 and 2013, and give you the tools to create basic documents in minutes. Learn how to navigate the basics and apply text effects, add images, create diagrams and much more in our step-by-step guide. With advanced tips and tricks you can discover how to work faster, as we reveal the hidden features and shortcuts in Word that will help you up the pace. We also help you understand the alternatives to Microsoft Word, as we review and rate Word’s rivals – both free and paid for – to ensure you opt for the package that suits you best.


Research fuels innovation-and with this focused guide to Microsoft Word, you
can help increase your team's collaborative power and effectiveness, and bring
new research to life. Writing proposals, reports, journal articles, theses,
and other technical documents as a team poses unique challenges, not the least
of which is consistent presentation and voice. You must also manage the
formatting and accuracy of figures, equations, and citations, and comply with
the style rules of external publications. In this book you'll learn from the
authors' extensive experience managing the authoring and publication of
technical content, and gain specific practices and templates you can apply
right away.